National Institute of Engineering and Technology is an reputed and approved Institution which is offering Distance Learning or Part Time Engineering courses Distance Diploma in Engineering, Distance Education B tech, Distance Learning B tech.National Institute of Engineering & Technology | NIET Delhi is premier institutes of engineering and technology in India and are the new face of the existing Engineering Colleges. In the year 2000, the Governing Council of National Institute of Business Studies, decided to upgrade Engineering College as National Institutes of Engineering Technology (NIETs). The key objective of the National Institutes of Engineering & Technology (NIETs) is to provide an outstanding practical engineering and technology education; from Diplomas through to Masters Degrees. The finest engineering lecturers and instructors, with extensive real engineering experience in industry, are drawn from around the world. The learning is gained through synchronous, online (e-learning) technologies.

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Distance Education in India

The term Distance Education received a formal recognition in 1982 when the four decades old International Council for Correspondence Education was renamed as the International Council for Distance Education. Distance education Distance learning is one of the most powerful new forces influencing the direction of education. Below are important points to consider when teaching via technology:

  • Course planning and organization
  • Verbal and nonverbal presentation skills
  • Collaborative teamwork
  • Questioning strategies
  • Subject matter expertise


Society’s increasing dependence on technology to communicate information means that students must learn the skills to use information technologies effectively.

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I’ve been practising as an Operations Manager for 7 years now I have already learnt things in this Advanced Management course. I like the new perspective it provides me. NIET's courses are First Class tickets to success.

Kishor K. Bonde

I am very grateful for the very understandable and valuable instructive training your Institute provided to me. I now have a fantastic opportunity to work as a sales and marketing manager.

Ashish Kumar

I have my diploma and I am now with a governmental organization and also waiting for approval to start a plan in a new business.

Hari Haran

I have gained a lot of benefits and knowledge from your respectful Institute through these educational programmes. I deeply appreciate your fabulous efforts to assist others who need a bright future practically and scientifically.

Pooja Sharma

I started my career as a hotel porter. To advance from porter and earn a good qualification I enrolled with Nibs for Hotel Operations. I applied for a post at a larger hotel and was successful. The theory I learnt from the Program helped me answer questions I was asked in the interview and what was in the Program could be put into practice quickly. The Program was not expensive and has repaid me much more than I could have believed.

Sumit Singh

My greatest joy was my Nibs Diploma; your training was a door opener to my promotion to Administrative Manager and my MBA. His employer wrote: He is my best employee strong on administration and deals with all clerical and accounting affairs of the company.

Bedabrat Gogoi

I hold 4 Nibs diplomas (and of course my very precious Honours Diploma). I am even more determined than ever to be successful with my MBA studies and I am really enjoying the course. One of the very best things I have ever done was to contact you and commence study with your good selves your study manuals are comprehensive yet easy to understand and I will be forever grateful for studying with you!

Anseena Rose

The thing that convinced my senior (who is also a Ex-student of NIET) to trust my ability to deal with sales promotion and importation as a director of the company is the knowledge we both gained from NIET. My success started with your NIET!

P. Sridhar

I’ve changed career for a better job and a better salary. I found the training materials informative and easy to understand in clear and precise language; your guidance is professional and personal in such a way to encourage a student to achieve the very best results. Thanks NIET!

Prem Sagar

I’m very grateful to be awarded a Bachelor Degree in Engineering. Many thanks to all the NIET staffs who are always there for you. I recommend everyone to train with NIET.

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