Master in Computer Science & Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering is the branch of engineering which incorporates elements from both electrical engineering and computer science with an emphasis on their application in designing and developing modern computers and computer based systems. The processing power of computers has enhanced rapidly over the past few decades and will continue to do so in the future. Computer engineers are not only designing and developing computers (personal computers, mobile computers and super computers) but also computer based systems that are used in virtually all modes of transport today, computer based smart appliances for house hold and industrial use and many other smart products that have become essential in our lives today.

Duration of the Course

The Program Duration for Master in Engineering will be Two Years comprising of two parts, Students may choose to take breaks in between subjects/parts. However, they are expected to follow a normative period of three years i.e Students will have to complete the program within Three years from session start date.


Candidates who have passed any Bachelor’s degree in Engineering of a recognized University with not less than 3years of Full Time experience in a Managerial / Supervisory / Professional Role after their graduation and should currently be working in a Professional Capacity in any organization.


Candidates successfully completing the program will be awarded a certification/degree in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Engineering & Technology.


  • Digital Electronics
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Data Structure
  • System Software
  • Software Engineering
  • Microprocessor & Interfaces
  • Computer Graphics
  • Logical & Functional Programming
  • Computer Network
  • Design & Analysis of Algorithms
  • Embedded System
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Microwave & Satellite Communication
  • Logical Synthesis
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Optical Communication


Course Fee : Fifty Two Thousand and Five Hundred Only (Rs.52,500/-)