Our Alumni

I didn’t take the “traditional” route (whatever that is these days) with my college education.

I joined NIBS when I was in my 30s, after having four children. Let me tell you…it was tough. I worked and I went to college full-time and I had four children in school, and playing sports, and involved in extracurricular activities. “Traditional” college didn’t quite fit that lifestyle as well as I would have liked. You should have classes every day, and you can’t just skip them when your child is ill or when there’s a parent-teacher conference.

However, with NIBS, all that is different. Your college education is flexible and convenient and fits your lifestyle, whatever it may be. Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or a mom who works outside the home (and inside the home!), NIBS is the right fit.

NIBS is designed for students who want to earn their Associate’s Degree…and then allows you to easily and effortlessly — and without losing valuable credits — transfer to one of more than 150 “traditional” four-year colleges. That means all those courses count, that all those credits that you worked hard for are accepted by a college where you can earn a four-year degree. NIBS is fully accredited and nationally recognized.